Vitrium v7: Image Security has arrived. 

Security is not just for documents anymore: take advantage of DRM for JPG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, and BMP files, in addition to Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files and OpenOffice files. And there is no add-in to use!

Control, analyze, and distribute all your secured content with Vitrium’s secured HTML5 web links and PDFs.

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Image Protection

Upload image files to Vitrium

You can now upload image files in the newly renamed Vitrium Security "Content" tab and apply all the regular security and digital rights controls you're familiar with. Share secured files and links with your audience through Vitrium's custom Secure Client Portal or your own portal or system. 

Image file formats we secure:

  • JPG
  • PNG
  • TIFF
  • GIF
  • BMP
Icon 2 - Office Compatibility.png

Office Compatibility

Including OpenOffice files 

We have expanded compatibility and protection of Office files such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint and OpenOffice files, now directly from within the Vitrium application. The files will be converted to secured HTML5 web links and secured PDFs which you can then share with your contacts.

Office & OpenOffice formats we secure:

  • Microsoft Word: .doc and .docx
  • Microsoft Excel: .xls and xlsx
  • Microsoft PowerPoint: .ppt and .pptx
  • OpenOffice Text: .odt
  • OpenOffice Presentation: .odp
  • OpenOffice Spreadsheet: .ods
Icon 3 - Drag and Drop-1.png

Drag and Drop Functionality

File uploads made easy

We wanted to make it easier for you to upload your content to Vitrium Security, especially for customers that manually upload files to our system. We now offer 'Drag and Drop' functionality for uploading your file to start the uploading and security settings process.

From within Vitrium Security: 

  • Drag and drop your file into the newly renamed "Content" tab to begin the upload process
  • Apply your content settings, add permissions, and you're on your way!   
Icon 4 - User Portal Improvements.png

Secure Client Portal 

File access & secure distribution

Since launching in our last major release, Vitrium's Central User Portal, a customizable secured client portal, has seen various improvements so be sure to check it out.

An instant way to distribute your secured content, your audience will enjoy single sign-on functionality and thumbnail preview capabilities so users can get a glimpse of the content or cover page. 

Learn more about our Central User Portal

Icon 5 - Tag Management.png

Content Tag Management 

Make finding images & files easy

If you are planning to use Vitrium's Central User Portal to securely distribute files for internal or external use, we have added Tag Management for Images. 

Group images together or documents together or a combination of both under the same tag to make it easy for your audience to find related files.

Coming soon: Full Text Index Search so your users can search for files that contain specific keywords within the content!

Icon 6 - Terminology.png

Terminology Changes 

Not just for documents anymore

As part of our mission to continue to protect more file and content types, we have changed some of the terminology in our application. The term 'Documents' has now been switched to the more encompassing term 'Content.' 

You will see this in the main tab for file management, in the Settings section (Content Settings replaces Document Settings), along with changes you'll see in our support documentation and materials. 

Try Vitrium v7 for yourself!

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